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Child Care Resource & Referral offers an orientation workshop for those interested in getting into the family child care business called Starting Point. The purpose of the Starting Point workshop is to provide startup information and technical assistance to those interested in providing care in their home as a profession. This workshop will give you an overview of the licensing regulations and the business like aspects of opening a family child care home. Topics covered include contracts, parent / provider relationship, insurance issues and other business aspects of opening and running a family child care home.

All child care providers must be a current member of the Gateways to Opportunity Registry. Registry membership is free. Practitioners may sign up for the registry at

New Licensing Requirements:

  • – Copy of high school diploma or equivalent certificate

Training Hours required by DCFS before applying for licensing:

  • – Effective 1-1-2011 individuals applying to become licensed through DCFS must complete 15 hours of approved training prior to submitting their application.
  • – DCFS mandates four specific trainings: Mandated Reporting, SIDS, Shaken Baby and First Aid/CPR be included in the 15 hours.
  • – The remaining hours can be taken in any trainings that are approved child development related topics in which a certificate of attendance is received.For more information about DCFS required trainings please visit

For more information on becoming a licensed family child care business, please contact Debra Wells at 815-741-1163, Ext. 228. Additional DCFS information and training can also be found at You may also request a copy of the Family Child Care Licensing Standards from your regional DCFS office.

Referral Database

The referral database contains a listing of legal license exempt and licensed child care providers and a description of the programs offered. Names on the database are shared with parents/families that are looking for child care in their area.

Benefits for providers listed on the referral database includes:

  • – Referrals to families
  • – Technical assistance with child care issues
  • – Notification of financial opportunities for providers
  • – Professional development opportunities
  • – Legal License Exempt Providers

License exempt family child care providers can care for up to 3 children maximum, which would include children of their own under 12 years. You too may be listed on the provider database once you have completed the required license exempt application, which include references and a background check. Providers will be referred only for the number of children that they are able to provide care for.

For more information on how to become a CCAP approved provider please visit

Interested in becoming a CCAP Provider, visit

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