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Choosing the right child care provider can be a tough decision. Child care should be a safe, happy, loving environment as well as convenient and affordable. Finding quality care is worth the time and effort it takes to know your children are in the best care you can give them. For a list of quality indicators, go to Indicators of Quality Care.

Child Care Resource and Referral maintains a data base of child care providers in Will, Grundy, Kendall and Kankakee counties. The information that is stored in the data base is gathered directly from the providers and is updated by CCR&R staff several times a year.

Although there is no “one best” type of child care, your decision will be made easier if you understand the options available for the care of your child. There are advantages and disadvantages to every provider. To find out more about these options, visit Child Care Options.

The steps to finding quality child care for your child with special needs are similar to those for finding care for a child without disabilities or special needs. To learn more, visit Indicators of Quality Care, or call a Referral Specialist at 815-741-1179.

Child care rates vary based on the type of care, age of the child, and the county care is in. Click here to find the Average Cost of Child Care by County we serve.

Families that fall below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level may qualify for financial assistance toward the cost of their child care. To find out if you may qualify for this assistance, click Child Care for Families. Most families are required to pay a co-payment directly to their child care provider. Co-payments are based on family size and gross income. Co-payments are deducted from charges to the state.

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