A program funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services and administered by Child Care Resource & Referral.

Effective November 9, 2015, the Department modified the priority eligibility guidelines to all new applications. A new application is defined as a request for child care assistance for a family that has not had eligibility within the last 30 days. Click here for specific income guidelines for new applicants.

To qualify for financial assistance your total monthly gross income must be below the above stated monthly income for your family size. Gross income may include overtime, bonuses, tips, and commissions. If a family is receiving unearned income, such as child support or SSI/SSA, that income will be calculated into the gross monthly income. Your gross monthly income can only be calculated with the submission of a completed application with all supporting documents (i.e. 2 current & consecutive check stubs if you are working).

Once approved for child care assistance all forms must be requested through Child Care Resource & Referral. If you need a form generated, please send an email to: with your name, date of birth, social security number or case number, and what type of form(s) you need. The forms you may request are the following:

  • Re-determination Form: is needed when your current approval ends and you need to redetermine (extend) your case. *Families who are redetermining must fall below 185% of the current Federal Poverty Level. Click here for guidelines. Please note cancellation notices are automatically sent to all families 30 days prior to eligibility ending. If you submitted a re-determination prior to termination date do not be alarmed.
  • Change of Information Form: can be used for any changes that need to be made to your case (i.e. adding a new baby, change in employment and/or school, address change, change in work schedule). If you are reporting a change in income, please submit two (2) current consecutive pay stubs or an income verification form if employment just began.
  • Change of Provider Form: is used to change to a different provider or add an additional provider to your case. This form is also used when you are adding a child currently included in your family size to to an existing child care provider.


Child Care Application **new form
Child Care Application – Spanish **new form
Income Verification Form
Self-Employment Record
Client Change of Address Form