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Payment for providing child care can be made to any individual who is at least 18 years old and meets the specific requirements of the IDHS Child Care Assistance Program. A family can choose from a variety of caregivers, including child care homes and centers that are licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services, or self-certified legally license-exempt homes or centers.

A provider will need to complete the application with the family, and must provide CCR&R with their correct address and social security number or Tax ID number. It is also necessary for every provider to complete a W-9 form so that payments can be made from the Office of the Comptroller. If you’re a licensed-exempt provider you are also responsible for submitting a copy of your valid State of Illinois driver’s license or ID card and social security card (a currently issued printout from the social security office showing your social security number would be acceptable in place of a copy of your actual social security card). The address on your state issued ID or driver’s license must match the address used on your W-9 form, and the address you list on the application or provider change form.

You will be required to submit to a background check and/or fingerprinting dependent upon your relationship to the child/children in care.

Each month the provider receives a Child Care Certificate, or billing form to complete with the parent in order to be paid for the correct number of days for the month.

Interested in becoming a CCAP Provider, visit

For existing Providers, for more information please visit

Ways to Check Provider Payments

  • Providers may check on the status of specific payments by calling IDHS’ Provider Assistance line at 800-804-3833 “one” working day after the payment was entered or “two” working days after the payment was approved.
  • For daily provider updates call 217-524-9041.
  • Visit and follow instructions below..
    1.  Go to tab: FOR PROVIDERS
    2.  Click on: Payments
    3.  Click on: Provider Payment Inquiry
    4.  Enter: Social Security number or FEIN
    5.  Click on: Submit
    6.  CVR date is the approved date of the payment

*Payments are generally issued by The Office of the Comptroller 1-3 working days after the approval date.

Important Changes

For providers who are paid by direct deposit, the Office of the Comptroller offers a very good option to see payment information. It’s a different area of their website and requires the provider to sign up for passcode/PIN. The providers are able to view the exact same information that comes on a paper check: month of service, date of issue, amount, case number, client name, children names and amount paid for each child. Also, deductions to the payment or add-ons are also listed. To sign up for this, have direct deposit recipients call the office of the Comptroller Direct Deposit Unit at (217) 557-0930.

Unfortunately, debit card providers cannot use this comptroller system.

Payments are issued by the Office of the Comptroller in Springfield. Some deductions that providers may notice on the payment statement are union deductions and/or the parent’s co-payment. All home-based providers are part of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU 880). For any and all questions regarding the union, please contact them directly:

Service Employees International Union
650 S. Clark 2nd Floor
Chicago, Ill 60605
Phone: 312-939-7490 or 800-321-7348
Fax: 312-939-8256

Any provider who earns $600.00 or more in the calendar year will be issued a 1099 Form for income tax purposes. Child care providers are not employees of the State of Illinois, nor of Child Care Resource & Referral. We do not provide employment verification.


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Child Care Rate Certification Form
Illinois Debit MasterCard Payment Option Form

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