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History of the Child Care Resource & Referral Preschool for All Program

Child Care Resource & Referral’s Preschool for all program (CCR&R PFA) is funded by the Illinois State Board of Education. Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) has been partnering with child care centers over the past eight years to offer Preschool for All (PFA) to qualifying children. PFA emphasizes the importance of early education, parenting education and involvement, and the relationship to future school success. This program focuses on providing high-quality educational programs for children who are determined to be at risk of academic failure.

Child Care Resource & Referral’s Preschool for All Mission Statement

Child Care Resource & Referral’s Preschool for All Program provides a high-quality educational program for 3-5 year olds with the understanding of the importance of early care and education. The program focuses on offering a developmentally appropriate environment by allowing children to learn through intentional play. Our goal is to create a foundation for preparation of kindergarten readiness. We also ensure that all parents have the opportunity to act as participants in the program and as educators of their own children.

Eligibility Criteria

Children enrolled must be three years of age on or before September 1st. A child, who turns five years of age on or before September 1st, may not be enrolled into the program as he/she is eligible to begin kindergarten. The screening process includes having your child screened with the Ages and Stages Questionnaires-3, Ages and Stages Questionnaire: Social-Emotional, and filling out a list of eligibility criteria. Some criteria listed on the list include the following:

*Family is considered to be homeless

*Family has required services of DCFS/DCFS involvement

*Language other than English in the home

* Mother was under the age of 18 at the time of child’s birth

*Child was enrolled in Early Head Start

*Single parent family

* One or both parents are deceased

* One or both parents are incarcerated or past history of incarceration

*Eligible for Child Care Assistance Program

These criteria are just a few examples that are looked for during the screening process to determine eligibility for the CCR&R Preschool for All programs.

The Child Care Resource & Referral Preschool for All Program is in session for 180 days, Monday through Friday. All children enrolled must attend Monday through Friday at the designated times .

Listed below are the child care centers that Child Care Resource & Referral partners with to provide PFA programming:

Kankakee County

YWCA Kankakee Child Care Center

Will County

Spanish Community Center

For additional information, learn how to enroll your child, or get a list of all Preschools and Preschool for All locations in your area, contact our Preschool for All Coordinator at 815-741-1163 ext 230.

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